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PHMFA Events!

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Memorial Day Parade 🇺🇸🏈🏆

The PHMFA will be walking in the Penn Hills Memorial Day Parade THIS MONDAY 5/29. We will have a float of our trophy’s as well as flags and banners! As always, we expect EVERYONE to attend and walk as an organization! (Parents and family are also welcome and encouraged to walk with us!)



Monday, May 29th


St Barts Church

111 Erhardt Drive (Frankstown Rd)

(the BACK upper parking lot)

Arrival times

  • Coaches & Staff | 9:30-10a

  • Players & Cheerleaders | 10-11a

**The Parade walk will begin at 11:30a. and run till around 1-2p.

The Parade will end at the PH Municipality building on Duff Rd. Players & Cheerleaders can be picked up there - otherwise we will all be walking back to the St Barts parking lot we started in.

What to wear

Shorts - Tshirts -Sneakers -Hat - Sunglasses

  • Players will be issued a temporary PHMFA Game Jersey to wear while we March. This will need turned in after the Parade.

  • Cheerleaders are to wear their Uniform if available, or Red Shorts & White T-shirt. Pom Poms will be issued for use during the parade.

  • Parents & Staff Please wear your best Red & Gold or PHMFA


  • It is usually very Hot so please dress appropriately for the weather. Hat, Sunglasses & Towels are Highly recommended.

  • We will have water & Ice & for everyone located in our Parade vehicles. As well as Spray bottles


We are asking for donations of the following:

  • Cases of small Water bottles

  • Bags of Candy

  • Large PA speaker

During the parade we are looking for volunteers to:

  • Throw Candy (Adults only)

  • Pass out flyers (All ages)

  • Carry banners: 2-4 people (All ages)

  • Flag wavers 4-6 people (Older Kids)

  • 2-4 Wheelbarrel Pushers (All ages)

We are also in need of a large karaoke style speaker we can place in the rear of a vehicle.

🎉We have been participating in the parade for many years and it’s always a lot of fun and exiting!! We can’t wait to see you there!!

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Dwayne Williams


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