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07 de jun.

Hey everyone,

Game 2 of the Bobcats 2024 Season is this

Saturday, June 8th @5p.

For Veterans. These games are very similar to ours in how the event is carried out.

Overall, the work is pretty casual.

Here is what we are in need of for this upcoming game:

  • SET UP - 3p : 1-2 Adult/Teen

  • PARKING LOT ATTENDANT 5-8p | 1 Adult

  • STICK CREW - 5-8p 1-3 volenteers Adult/Teen

  • TRASH POLICE - 5-close(9) 1 Adult/10u

My opinion is they can use more help than this, but I don't want to overstep. If anyone would like to come early, 4:30ish the Team will be arriving and can possibly direct to some ways to get involved.

The last game had a nice attendance. I imagine this upcoming game will have even better one with concessions fully opening, and the Away team being from Beaver, not Erie.

Encourage attendance. Handful of our own boys are on the team. Starting!

Let these next 2 games be a precursor to the last, which is July 13th, at home. We are hoping to make Youth Night!

But the only way that will happen is if this group plans it. Start kicking around some ideas. But keep a watch for a new post concerning any youth night at Bobcats game so as to not discuss it under this post/event.



Welcome to the 2022 PHMFA Events group!!! This group will...



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  • 12 Oct Sat | '2024 Senior Night'

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