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The goal of The PHMFA is to provide a Youth Football and Cheerleading program for boys and girls ages 4 -12 within the community of Penn Hills. We are determined to bring the best experience possible for our members, leaving them with memories to share for generations. 

Our focus is on our kids and the Penn Hills community through youth football. It is important to have a good foundation which brings us “back to the basics”. We start with the fundamentals of football. 

This is first, above the winning of the games and large contributor to our success over these past 77 years.


The PHMFA Field that is nestled back in the suburbs of Penn Hills and has been home to youth football for decades. Providing a family friendly atmosphere, Friendship Park offers plenty of parking, playgrounds, restrooms and walking space.

Our renovated concession stand acts as the hub for all of your eating and drinking needs during your time at the field.

The PHMFA head office, located in The William Mckinley Center has also been recently renovated and is our central location for all meetings, signups and equipment needs.

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Hard Work and Determination Required!

Football is the name of our game.
Dedicated coaching and consistent adaptation with a high drive for success has brought our town to be one of the most sought after places in Pittsburgh to search for career long players. 

Our attention in our players, and the coaches teaching them the game, keeps staff focused on the reality that, all players carry the potential for success when given the opportunity. 


77 years of signups, pep rallies, senior nights, and championships.
Decades of fundraisers, car washes camps, and banquets.

Years, days and hours of our community, families and children coming together to make youth football a great place for the entire community.

Thank you to all who have poured their sweat and tears out for this program over all these years.


The1945 Blackridge Bantams, (founded by Blair Studebaker, former Wilkinsburg School board director) found its home at Penn Hills, beginning its 79-year history.

Since then the Penn Hills Midget Football Association has added teams of all youth age levels, as well as a youth cheerleading program. 
Through its many trials and hardships over the years, the PHMFA is still standing strong, providing the school district and the community of Penn Hills with youth football.

We are in pursuit to make the town of Penn Hills a desired home for families to come to who are looking for stability within their community. This begins with our local politicians and community members working hard to bring a well budgeted, safe, functioning municipality. The intent of the PHMFA is to serve our residents by providing a much-needed avenue for our children to participate in organized sports





Year Established




"The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling,
but in rising again after you fall."
 Vince Lombardi
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