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  • The Bantams are our premier team! Being in existence for 77 years, the Bantams hold titles across the eastern United States. The Bantams game is always an exciting way to end to every Game day!

  • Bantams play an 10 game schedule with 2 rounds of playoffs.

  • Players on The Bantams can not be over 12 years of age before May 1st of that current year or they will not be eligible for league play.

  • The weight limit for The Bantams is:

    • 180llb Linemen

    • 155 Skilled


  • Clinics will begin May 2024 - First Date of the series is TBD

  • Regular season practice will begin July 22nd 2024. Monday - Friday from 6-8p @ Our Home Field in Friendship Park, Penn Hills

  • Regular season games are played every weekend beginning in August, 2024

  • Cleats must be worn; no street shoes

  • All players must be properly equipped, use a mouthpiece, & Helmet during all games & drills.

  • The PHMFA recognizes the need to maintain the weight limit over the course of the season. Players will be weighed at the onset of each game to verify all players are within the weight limit.

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