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Do you have questions?
We have answers!

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about your time with The PHMFA! If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us!

*Navigate through The 2024 PHMFA season by scrolling throughout or click on a specific topic below!

What is a "Membership"?

'Membership' is for Boys & Girls between the ages of 4 & 12 participating in the Summer/Fall Football Season rostered on one of our PHMFA Football or Cheerleading Teams.

Who does the Membership belong to?

'Membership' belongs to the child it has been purchased for, and is good for one child only. If you have more than one child, you must purchase a membership for each child.

What are Membership requirements?

We have (3) Primary requirements for Members aside from the annual Membership Fee:

  1. Football Players Original Birth Certificate & Copy

    • Childs age is determined by how old they are on June 1st 2024 for AYFL eligibility) 

  2. Football Players Proof of Residency

    • Residency is determined by Childs report card or letterhead from PHSD or applicable, showing residency)

      • 2024 eligible School Districts for Residency:

  3. Tackle Football Players must make weight to play in The Big East League.

  • WEIGH INS occur 3 times throughout the season.

  • The first weigh in will be AUGUST 10, 2024

  • If your Player does not make weight they will be unable to play until they do. 


If you feel your child may have trouble maintaining their teams weight limit, you can move your Player up One (1) Age level. Once a player is moved up they cannot move back down once the AYFL Season begins.


2024 AGES & Weights:

  • Scouts - (Flag Football Team) Ages 4-6 - NO Weight Limit

  • Braves - Tackle Football Ages 7 & 8 - Weight Limit 130lbs

  • Indians - Tackle Football Ages 9 & 10- Weight Limit 150lbs

  • BANTAMS - Tackle Football Ages 11 & 12 - Weight Limit 180bs

We DO NOT have any residency or weight requirements for Cheerleading.

How much is a Membership?

All 'MEMBERSHIPS' are for one (1) Year. 

  All and any payments & payment plans end prior to the start of the Big East season.

2024 Season Membership fees:

  • $100 Flag Football

  • $100 Tackle Football

  • $150 Cheerleading

Do you offer Family discounts?

Family discounts & credits vary from year to year based on sponsorship & donations made to the PHMFA. Its our goal to always make fees as low as possible. 

2024 PHMFA Discounts & Credits

  • Head Coach - One (1) Membership & (2) Banquet Tickets

  • Assistant Coaches - (1) Banquet Ticket

What comes with a MEMBERSHIP?
2024 Flag & Tackle Football Memberships

(1) – Year FLAG FOOTBALL or TACKLE FOOTBALL Membership in the PHMFA;


  • Access to all PHMFA EVENTS.

  • Big East League Registration

  • Standard PHMFA Football Player Equipment & Uniform rental. All the needed Equipment to play a season of Youth Flag, or Tackle Football.


**This Equipment is to be returned during our scheduled Equipment return days. 

(1) – Year CHEERLEADING Membership in the PHMFA Includes:

  • Access to all PHMFA EVENTS.

  • Big East League Registration


During the season MEMBERS should expect the following from administration:

  • Game schedules

  • Practice cancellations

  • Weekly standings

  • Misc. information on upcoming changes and events

The following applies to all Members, or those considering a Football or Cheerleading Membership for their child.


As you may know, Youth Football & Cheerleading programs endure a great financial responsibility ensuring all of our players are properly equipped. The cost of a high end Jersey is minimal in comparison to a Football Helmet. So, while we like looking good, we can do so at a small cost. However, to assure our players are wearing the best equipment year-to-year means taking on large purchases that we hope can be relieved by some traditional fundraising models. These should allow for the purchase of all new player equipment.


Yearly membership/registration fees go toward the consumable upkeep of the PHMFA for things like, Player, Coach & field equipment, insurance, rent, league dues and facility costs.


Our PHMFA Cheerleaders & the costs of uniforms:

Prior to 2020 our Cheerleading registrations amounted to around $350, and the Cheerleaders turned in almost all of their uniforms, which were the cheapest of materials, and had to be altered each year. However, Since 2020, we have decided to allow all uniform pieces to be kept by the Cheerleaders, including pom-poms. This incentive has brought a lot of relief to both Parents and the Organization. It has also reduced costs enough to have allowed us the ability to have the best cheerleading uniforms offered.

Our continuing efforts are to create appropriate avenues for you and your Cheerleader to generate all the funds needed to purchase your uniform in totality.


We are working to provide fairly easy fundraisers for all of our members, however, the option to simply "buy-out" is available for parents who are looking to do so.


The goal is for every Player and Cheerleader to generate $250 from the first 2 Fundraisers.

This $250 will be used for the following:

Player Funds: will cover New Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Jersey, & Pants.

Cheerleader funds: will go toward Team Supplies and end of year gifts at the Banquet.

The first 2 Fundraisers are designed to raise enough to not only cover the $250 

But can also raise you enough to pay all membership & Uniform expenses.

Below is the list and minor details of our 3, yearly fundraisers for 2024.

Fundraiser #1
  • Player & Cheerleader Sponsor Boards

    • These are complete and ready to be sent out upon request, or, as we move through the list of current members.

    • A blank Sponsor board is posted for viewing purposes only.

    • The ones being sent out will have each Child's name on it.

    • Post these Boards to your social media platforms.

    • Encourage friends & family to help in your fundraising efforts by sponsoring a block or more on your Board.

    • Each Board is designed to generate $250.

    • Collect the money on your own and turn it in prior to August 12th.

    • We recommend using a cash app to collect your funds.

    • Multiple Boards can be given by request to continue raising funds

Fundraiser #2
  • Double Good Popcorn.

    • Double Good virtual fundraiser! It’s 100% contactless, we keep 50% of the profit and the product ships directly to the buyer

We have had decent success with Double Good in the past. Their product is well known and has a high profit margin - they offer an online portal where customers can purchase the Popcorn on their own using predetermined login.


"how it works"


 Each Member will create a Pop-Up Store before the fundraiser begins:

***Before the fundraiser begins***:

  • 1. Download the Double Good app

  • 2. Enter our event code MYDZIU in the app

  • 3. Create your Pop-Up Store!

  • 4. Promote through social media, friends & family

The app is available for free on iOS and Android.


Our fundraising window begins in July 24, 2023, at 10:00 AM and goes until July 28, 2023, at 10:00 AM.


Prices for Signature Bags (5 cups each) start at $9 and Curated Collections at $26. The popcorn is ultra-premium, delicious, and award-winning!

Fundraiser #3

    • PHMFA will receive 15% of the RITA proceeds during the Fundraiser. 

      • Ritas fundraising night is mandatory for all Members.

      • This is an organization-wide fundraising night held at RITA'S Italian ice on Frankstown Rd in Penn Hills.

Date: TBD

We will skip practice to have as many Cheerleaders and Players in sight for the community of Penn Hills to donate.

  • We encourage parents to join in the Fun!

The PHMFA app
The PHMFA "App"
What is the "App"

The PHMFA App is our own personal app built just for us. 

Its is provided by, and runs through, our WIX business site. 

  • The App will be your primary source of information throughout the entire year in the PHMFA. 

    • You'll receive notifications on Important PHMFA announcements & Schedule reminders.

    • You can share Photos and make posts for your Player or Cheerleader.

    • Ask questions, give input, and earn badges as acting members in the program!

Is the App free?

Yes! The App is free to download & use, and does not have any annoying adds

How do I get the App?

Its just like downloading any app from the Apple, or Google Play store. 

Steps (1)

  • Go to your Apple or Google play app store on your smart phone and download the app called "SPACES". 



Step (2) Once downloaded sign up with your favorite account. (note: your accounts profile photo will carry over to your profile photo on the "App")

Step (3) Scroll down to where it says Join Team and input the following invite code: PH1945

We prefer all app users apply their name to their App profile and  Not use their Childs name. 

Many Players and Cheerleaders have profiles of their own. 

Spaces app photo.webp

Once on the app begin exploring, but first...

You'll want to begin by joining your Childs "TEAM/S" . Choose one or multiple of the following:


You can join more than one TEAM.

This is where individual team related information will be posted.

Along with your child's TEAM, as a Parent or Guardian of a Member/Player, Cheerleader, you will want to join  'PHMFA Parents'.

Staff uses this TEAM to speak directly to Parents, as a group.

This is the second most important place to receive information. 

The Most important information to receive are on the App's Homes page labeled Announcements.​

These messages go out to everyone in the entire PHMFA.

Be sure to have your notifications on.

We don't want you to miss out on any important information.

Pre-game to becoming a full time Football Player or Cheerleader
Sping Clinics
What are Spring Clinics?

Spring Clinics is an annual 4-6 week Football & Cheerleading Camp. In place to:

  • Get kids out the house and acclimated to the weather & Sport related activities.

  • Learn to be on a Team. 

  • Gain an overview of critical skills used on the field

  • Capture a sneak peak into the actions of being part of the PHMFA

What are the requirements?

Spring Clinics are FREE and made available to any child meeting the Requirements for Membership

Once Registered head over to the EVENT CALENDAR and RSVP for each Spring Clinic. (5 Total)

Click on the Event to read through the Entire Camps Agenda, & schedule.

In Person Registration Days

Register and become a member in person at any one of the Spring Clinics.

Staff is on site to assist in this, as well as answer any questions. Visit the PHMFA Field House

Spring clinics is a great place to learn more about the PHMFA for the entire family.

  • See the Parks Home Field & Grab a Refreshment from the Concession stand.

  • Meet the Staff, including AYFL season coaches.

  • Visit the PHMFA store and check out the latest gear. 

  • Sign up to become a volunteer and a Member of the PHMFA!



All PHMFA Football Uniforms are issued prior to the start of the Summer/Fall Season, during our Equipment Hand-out Days, and must be turned in at the end of the season. 

TACKLE Football Uniforms 


  • PHMFA Game Jersey

  • Practice Jersey

  • Red Football Pants W/ Inserts or Girdle pads

Any Players Game Jersey can be purchased at any point during the season. 

  •  Issued PHMFA Game Jersey 65

  • New PHMFA Game Jersey  $85

FLAG Football Uniforms
  • PHMFA Football Game Jersey

  • Red Game Shorts

  • Red Game Sweatpants or Game Socks


Any Players Game Jersey can be purchased at any point during the season. 

  •  2024 PHMFA Game Jersey $65


All Sweatpants, Shorts and socks are the Players to keep and do not need turned in.


It is mandatory that all PHMFA Football Players & Cheerleaders wear their proper PHMFA Uniform to Games. 

We also encourage Members to represent their Team by wearing their Jerseys every Friday before a Game to School.


  • Tackle Football Memberships come with the option to use PHMFA Equipment during the AYFL Season. 

  • We do our best to keep a wide range of needed Inventory/sizes to accommodate all Players

  • All PHMFA Equipment is handed out during the scheduled Equipment Handout Days.​​


  • ***Members are responsible for any lost or unreturned equipment***

TACKLE Football Equipment
  • Riddell - RED or Vegas Gold Football Helmet

  • Football Shoulder Pads

FLAG Football Uniforms
  • Adidas Flag Football Helmet

Additional Equipment
  • Girdle Shirts

  • Spikes (cleats)

  • Gloves

  • Rib Pads

  • Visors

(depending on availability)

  • Each Year PHMFA equipment is cleaned and inspected.

  • However, throughout a season Player Equipment will need continual maintenance to items such as, screws, straps, clips, etc. Our staff is equipped and experienced to address all equipment concerns on and off the field. If you ever have any concerns with your players Equipment please bring it to the attention of a staff members immediately

Fees for un-returned Uniforms & Equipment
  • Riddell Football Helmet - $185

  • Adidas Flag Helmet - $85

  • Shoulder Pads - $75

  • PHMFA Game Jersey - $65

  • PHMFA Game Pants - $65

  • Red Football Pants - $25

  • Practice Jersey - $25

  • Girdle Padding/Pads - $45

Necessary Equipment needed for 2024 Big East Season
  • Vegas Gold Football Helmet ​

  • Football Shoulder Pads

  • PHMFA Game Jersey 

  • Red Football Pants

  • Practice Jersey 

  • ​Football Cleats

  • Mouthpiece


Mouthpieces are handed out during conditioning week at the field. We recommend having 1-2 extra mouthpieces for your player.  Mouthpieces are also available for sale at the PHMFA store.



Every Equipment Hand Out Day is an exciting time for a child. 

This is the Day they get the stuff needed to begin to feel like a true ball player!

When and where is EQUIPMENT HAND-OUT day?
  • All Equipment Hand out, and return dates are posted on the EVENT CALENDAR

  • These days/(evenings) are held separately according to age/Team, and run consecutively throughout one week, prior to the start of the AYFL season.

    • Siblings can come on the same day

  • Held at our main office inside - The William McKinley center in Penn Hills (upper Verona)

    • Head in through the first set of glass doors and wrap around the stair case too the second floor.  Go through the double doors, 3rd Door on the Right​

Can I purchase my Childs Membership during Equipment Hand-out days?
  • YES - We can accept any in person registration & Membership during any scheduled Equipment Hand-out Days. 

  • To speed things up, our online REGISTRATION is available for site or app visitors​

  • All in person payments accepted by way of CASH - Credit/Debit - PayPal - Apple Pay - Cash app - Zellle - Venmo

What to expect
  • Players must have Membership & Registered for the AYFL Season to receive a Uniform & Equipment.

  • All required documents must be turned in at this time. If you do not have the appropriate paperwork please reach out to us prior.

  • Players must be accompanied by their legal guardian (must sign for equipment)

  • Players are to come wearing Shorts & T-shirt (slides if possible)

  • Players are to arrive during the allotted time

  • All Equipment including Jersey Numbers are issued on a first come first serve basis. 

    • Anyone who wishes to come early is asked to line up along the hallway wall starting at our room. ​

  • Players will be sized, fitted and issued their needed equipment & PHMFA Uniform

  • Parents will be asked to sign off on what was issued. 


During this time we ask that parents have a lot of patience. Equipment days are one of our most congested days. Keep a close watch that your player does not let  items leave them. Lots of Players are moving in and out and items can be picked up by mistake if not closely watched.


Our Equipment room is located at the William McKinley Center at the corner of 7th st. and Center Ave, Verona Pa 15147. 

First set of Glass doors. follow the small hallway around to the steps which lead to the second floor (there is no elevator access) once upstairs, head through the double doors and follow the hallway. PHMFA is the first room on your right. 

Cheerleading Uniforms

The Teamleader Store is now closed.

The Teamleader Store is now closed, what do I do?

STORE ORDERING PROCESS TO CHANGE IN 2024 - Details coming soon

Only available while the Teamleader Store is Open

Where do I purchase my Cheerleaders Uniform?

After you get your Membership follow the Link posted on the CHEERLEADING TEAMS page. You will be taken to a secure site for the PHMFA by TEAMLEADER.


The TEAMLEADER Store is an online store where all PHMFA Custom uniforms are purchased. When the store opens a link will be given to access the store to purchase any needed items. 

TEAMLEADER is a leading supplier and Manufacturer of Cheerleading Uniforms & Equipment. TeamLeader Inc
2901 Summit Avenue, Suite 300
Plano, TX 75074

When does the Store open and close?

Store dates vary from year to year but are typical to:

  • OPENS - April 1st

  • CLOSES - May 15th


Ordering Custom & Stock Uniform pieces from the TEAMLEADER Store

PHMFA CUSTOM Team Flex Uniforms

The PHMFA offers the best unforms there are. TEAM FLEX is a light weight durable stretch material far superior to your traditional poly uniform. TEAM FLEX uniforms are exclusive to TEAMLEADER. 

Skirts have built in boy shorts. These Uniforms are ordered and made to size and require zero alterations.

PHMFA Custom Uniform items are only available while the TEAMLEADER store is open.
Once the Store closes all Custom items ordered will carry a $15 per item, min order fee. This is a fee required by Teamleader. 
Any Custom items also will have a longer production time and a minimum of 10 week Ship time.
******It is encouraged to order all Custom items while the store is open******
Available Store items and their costs
  • $130 - PHMFA Team Flex Custom Uniform - Shell & Skirt

  • $130 - BANTAM Team Flex Custom Uniform - Shell & Skirt

  • $50 - PHMFA Team Flex  Body liner

  • $50 - BANTAM Team Flex Body Liner

  • $85 - PHMFA Warmup 

  • $18 - PHMFA Custom Bow

  • $6 - Red, white or Pink Bow 

  • $25-40 - White low top Sneakers

  • $6 - Red & White Socks

  • $8 - Pink Tube Socks

  • $10 - Red Soffe Shorts

  • $25 - Red and Gold 1000 Streamer Pom poms w/Batton Handle (order 1 Red & 1 Gold)

  • $25 - PHMFA Cheer Shirt/Jersey

  • $25 - PHMFA Custom Cheer Bag

  • $25 - PHMFA Cheerleading Sweatshirt

All PHMFA Custom pieces are RED with White & Gold accent colors.

All BANTAM Custom pieces are GOLD with Red & White accent colors

What happens once the Store Closes?

Once the store closes all new Members will be encouraged to order the TeamLeader Stock Uniform

Stock Uniforms are New, and exclusive to Teamleader.

These Uniforms are made of a Lightweight Poly and come in Red & White only.

Stock Uniforms DO NOT come with built in boy shorts or PHMFA Lettering.

Boy Shorts which must be purchased separately, and Lettering, is often available to purchase from the PHMFA Store located at the PHMFA Home Field. 

Any Member who opts to order a Custom Uniform will be given a lead time estimate once the order is placed.  If you miss the store opening by a week or two it would be safe to order a custom Uniform but will carry a $15 fee per piece. After June we do not recommend ordering a custom uniform unless you are ok with the possibilities of not using it this season. Any Cheerleader who does not receive a Uniform in time for Games or Events will use there Red Shorts & Cheer Shirt.

Any Veteran Cheerleader who does not use there Uniform anymore and would like to make it available for a new member to Purchase. The PHMFA will offer a set price per piece based on condition.

For New Members in need: These Uniforms would be available in the PHMFA Store located at the PHMFA Home Field. As well as other uniform items when available.

***IMORTANT for BANTAM Cheerleaders***

Bantam Uniforms are only available in the Store. Once the Store Closes you will be unable to order a Bantam Uniform without a long lead time. 

Stock items & their costs
  • Red & White Stock Shell (NO Lettering)

  • Red & White Stock Skirt,

  • White Body liner

  • Red Stock Warmup

  • Red Bow

  • Pink Bow

  • White low top Sneakers

  • Red & White Socks

  • Red and Gold Pom poms

  • Cheerleading Bag (NO Lettering)

All PHMFA Custom pieces are RED with White & Gold accent colors.

All BANTAM Custom pieces are GOLD with Red & White accent colors

All STOCK Uniform pieces are RED with White accent color. (No Custom Lettering)

Where do I order Stock Items?

All Stock items are ordered through the PHMFA. See the PHMFA Cheer Director or President to place an order. All stock items arrive within 3 weeks or ordering.

What are the REQUIRED Uniform pieces?

As a Member of the PHMFA Cheerleading you will be required to purchase/have the following Uniform pieces. 

PRICING / PROCESS TO CHANGE IN 2024 - Details coming soon

Required for all. 
Ages 4 & Up
  • $85 - PHMFA Warmup Suit

  • $6-18 - Custom or Red Bow

  • $6 - Pink Bow

  • $25-39 - White low top Sneakers

  • $6 - White Socks

  • $25 - Red & Gold Pom poms

Required for:
Ages 4 - 10
  • $80-130 - PHMFA Custom or Stock Shell & Skirt

  • $25-50 - PHMFA Custom or White Body liner

  • $6-18 - PHMFA Custom Bow or all Red Bow

Required for BANTAM Cheerleaders only.
Ages 11 & Up
  • $130 - BANTAM Team Flex Shell & Skirt (Ages 11 & Up)

  • $50 - BANTAM Team Flex Body Liner 

  • $6-18 - PHMFA Custom Bow or all Red Bow

All Item prices are estimated from the 2023 TEAMLEADER Store

Cheerleaders are to wear their Uniform to all AYFL Games & appropriate EVENTS


ALL PHMFA Practices are held, Monday - Friday from 6-8p at the PHMFA Home field Located inside Turner-Friendship Park in Penn Hills

This Year the PHMFA will be taking our Teams to the Penn Hills High School for all our Big East Home Games

When does Practice begin?
Official Start of the Big East Practice Season begins:

July 22nd, 2024

Full week of Conditioning only NO equipment
Tackle football Players will wear FULL EQUIPMENT after July 29th

Tackle Football Teams include all ages from 7-12    BRAVES  INDIANS  BANTAMS 

 No Equipment on the first day of practice  - Equipment pickups are July 11, 12, 13 

 SCOUTS  (Flag Football Players) are to continue wearing Shorts & T-shirt along with any desired protective Equipment. 

*Mouthguards are mandatory

PLAYERS are NOT to wear Game Jerseys to Practice

 Cheerleaders  are to wear weather appropriate athletic Clothing throughout the duration of the Season during practices

Do the Cheerleaders and Players practice the same days?


All PHMFA Practices are held during the times listed above for all members, both Football & Cheerleading. Monday - Friday from 6-8p

Changes in Schedule.

Schedules can always change but we do our best to stay consistent. 

Changes to look out for as we move through the season:

  • Penn Hills School District School Year Start (September)

  • Cheerleading moving to a 3 day practice week as we get in the colder months

  • Football teams (Bantams) having early Fridays to make it to the PHHS Varsity Games

  • Cheerleading moving to an indoor facility during harsh weather

  • Yearly Scrimmages

School year Practice Schedule

Once the annual PHSD year begins the PHMFA will no longer hold Monday practices

Cheerleading Practices in the Cold

Once we get into the colder weeks of the year our Cheerleading teams will often drop to a 2-3 Day a week Practice schedule. 

We also often rent Gym space at William McKinley or another available Gymnasium.


ALL PRACTICE CACELLATIONS are communicated to the PHMFA Staff & Members on the "APP" in the PHMFA PARENTS, and CHEERLEADING Teams Pages by 5:45p day of said Practice only.

  • There are no individual Team cancellations. 

  • When Practice is cancelled for the PHMFA it is for every team

  • ONLY Cheerleading can cancel on their own.

  • All Practices are cancelled by 5:45p day of.

  • We encourage and look forward to practicing in the Rain as Football Players

    • Please prepare for a muddy player following.​

  • We do not practice in Lightning.

  • Friendship parks sits atop a very high hill where lightning can be seen for a distance which should not arise concern. Our staff will however be prepared to call a practice if we feel the conditions are unsafe for our members.

What to expect
  • Players & Cheerleaders are:
  • expected to arrive and be on their designated practice field/area on time, and properly dressed.

  • responsible for bringing personal supply of water or Gatorade/Sports drink each day 

  • to obey the authority of the Coaches & Staff

  • to participate in all team exercises, drills & scrimmages when applicable

  • Parents/Guardians are:
  • responsible for bringing their Player or Cheerleader to and from all PHMFA events including practices & Games

  • encouraged to stay for the entire duration of practice

    • anyone who plans to leave during practices is required to subscribe to our LIVE STREAM service.​

Any parent who leaves their child unattended without the live stream will be subject to disciplinary action outlined within our Zero Tolerance Policy

Information at the Field

Visit us at the PHMFA store to get information on all the upcoming events. 

Information can always be found during practices from our many staff members.

Entering the Park

When trying to find the PHMFA Home field or sharing with others we recommend using the locations found here at Be sure when sharing an address outside of the one provided by the PHMFA you choose Friendship Park on Hunter Rd. 

When arriving ast the Parks Entrance youll see a Large Red & Yellow gate with a big sign thetasays TURNER FRIENDSHIP PARK. Turn in and head up the steep hill into the park. 

When arriving at the Fields bare right to find the first Football Field (FIELD 1) located to your right. 


Friendship park has (2) Football fields located in the rear of the park. These fields are occupied by both the Players & Cheerleaders during Practices & Games. 

The first Field, Field 1 is the practice field for our Cheerleaders. It also serves as the warm up space for the Home Team during seasonal Games.

The Second Field, Field 2, or the PHMFA Home Field, is located just another 100ft up the road. 

This is where our 3 Tackle teams will Practice during the season. 

The third space we use is Field 3. This is remains of the outfield of the lower softball field.

Its just at the end of our Parking lot. This is where our SCOUTS will have all Practices until we begin using the field lights. Once the need for lights arise the SCOUTS will move onto the the PHMFA Home Field during Practices.

The PHMFA store

The PHMFA Store is open most days of the season. All apparel items can be paid for using  card or cash. As well as Cash app, apple pay & others.

What is a Scimmage?

A scrimmage is a joint held practice where two opposing forces/Teams play each other in a non formal game. The Goal of a scrimmage is to build Game play field skills. 

Scrimmages can be against our own Teams within the PHMFA,

  • Example: BRAVES offense vs BRAVES Defence or a Scimmage with the INDNANS vs BANTAMS

but are typically held with other districts, and ones not in the AYFL.

Scrimmages held against opposing districts are referred to as "Event Scrimmages" and are quickly put on the Event schedule when confirmed.

We encourage these scrimmages to be attended by Friends & Family. 

Is there a Scrimmage Schedule?


Scrimmages against other teams are often difficult to get organized in advance. 

Most scrimmages are scheduled just days before they happen. 

Are Scrimmages for all PHMFA Teams?


The Teams involved in Event Scrimmaging (playing an opposing district) can vary. We do our best to only schedule AWAY scrimmages when it accommodates every Team.

Do Cheerleaders Scrimmage


But we do encourage them to attend and use the opportunity to cheer on their Team.

Home Games

PHMFA Home Games will be played at Penn Hills Senior High School

Yuhas-McGinley Stadium

20 Valmartin Dr

Penn Hills, PA 15235

Away Games

All Big East away games are Sponsored by the Hosting Team. 

Facility Rules can change from field to field and we should all be mindful of any restrictions set by the opposing team. The PHMFA will do our best to keep everyone informed as to any adjustments that will need made throughout the season.

Parents are ultimately responsible for bringing their Player or Cheerleader to all Games. If you are unable to do so please inform your teams TEAM PARENT or HEAD Coach, using the app or post a question on your app TEAMS page asking to carpool. There are parents who look out for this and try their best to help when they can. Ask using the app.

Every Away Teams Venue carries different food choices for Fans. Little to no information concerning the Away teams menu choices and prices are posted. All other venues accept CASH Only. 

Gate Prices

2024 Big East Gate Prices 

  • Adults $5

  • Students $3

  • Seniors $3

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