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Do you have questions?
We have answers!

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about your time with The PHMFA! If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us!

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What is Registration and what does it do for me?

Registration is for Boys & Girls between the ages of 4 & 12 planning to participate in any PHMFA event as PHMFA Football Players or Cheerleaders.

These include the following  'Events

  • Spring Clinics

  • Memorial Day Parade

  • Summer/Fall Football Season

How often should I fill out a registration?

Once a year or until your Child becomes a Member

  • PHMFA yearly 'Registration' is done yearly and can be filled out online or in person at one of our Registration/signup 'Events'

Is Registration the same as a Membership?

No, a PHMFA registration is for informational use only. It allows us to have the child's name & age, Parents/Guardians name & contact information.​

  • Once a 'Registration' is completed, our staff will begin reaching out through the contact information provided or through the PHMFA APP

We do not use this information for any purpose outside of contacting you concerning your child, or for sharing news about the PHMFA. This includes all in and out of season Schedules & Events.