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Sponsor The PHMFA

Welcome to the PHMFA Boosters!

The PHMFA invites you to become a part of an exciting time in Penn Hills history!

The 1945 Blackridge Bantams, (founded by Blair Studebaker, former Wilkinsburg School board director) found its home with Penn Hills as the sole provider of youth Football and Cheerleading..   

Through its many trials and hardships over 77 years, the PHMFA is still standing strong, providing the school district and the community of Penn Hills with Youth Football.

Serving Our Community

We are in pursuit to make the town of Penn Hills a desired home for families who are looking for stability within their community. This begins with our local politicians and community members working hard to bring a well budgeted, safe, functioning municipality.

The PHMFA serves our residents by providing a much-needed avenue for our children to participate in organized sports.

The Goal of the PHMFA is to provide a Youth Football and Cheerleading program, for boys and girls within the community of Penn Hills. We are determined to bring the best experience possible for our members and families that can be shared for generations.

PHMFA in 2024

With the focus on our kids and our community through youth football, it is important to have a good foundation which has brought us “back to the basics''. We start with teaching the fundamentals of the game and overall molding of future citizens. This is first above the winning of the game and a large focus of the PHMFA moving forward.

As we move forward into the 2024 season our need for funding continues. With our only source of revenue being parent registrations, we look toward our local community and their generous donations to keep youth football available for the families and members of Penn Hills for years to come. 

Please join us in efforts to lower the registration costs for families and children this 2024 season
Sponsorship Inquiry
Please contact us about becoming a Sponsor of The PHMFA.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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