• The Indians are one of our largest teams. Opening for the Bantams every Game day, the Indians end the season with 3 rounds of playoffs.

  • Players on The Indians will not be over 10 years of age before May 1st of that current year or they will not be eligible for league play.

  • The weight limit for The Indians will be 145 pounds.


  • Practices will begin July 25th 2022, Monday - Friday from 6-8p

  • Games played every weekend beginning August 15th

  • The BEYFL recognizes the need to maintain the weight limit over the course of the season.
    A mid-season weigh- ins (Game 5), and a weigh in at the start of the playoff games, will be required to verify all players are within the weight limit.

  • Weigh-ins for bubbled players, mid-season, and playoff games will occur during halftime of the previous game.

  •  If the teams agree to play a 5th Quarter game, it will take place post the official 9 and 10-year-old game and concurrently with the 11 and 12-year-old 5th Quarter game, and before the official 11 and 12 year old game; the officiating will be done by team coaches.

  • All Players will be eligible for 20022 Big East Allstars