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PHMFA Events!

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Next organization wide event will be our Annual Pep Rally Pizza Party.

It will be held on, Friday September 15th. This is the night before our last Home Game & Snior Night celebration.

Pep rally is also a when we decorate for Senior Night.

Preparing for the Pep Rally

We will set up the Concrete pad with Tents & Tables.

While we continue setting up for eating Pizza the Players and Cheerleaders will entertain us all with cheers and chants. The pep rally will last about an hr.

After the rally (about 7p) we will eat Pizza.

Music will play throughout the evening on the PA system.

Items In need for the event:

  1. 50 Large Pizzas

  2. Mac n Cheese

  3. Cake or Cupcakes

  4. Chips

  5. Drinks

  6. Decorations

Senior Night Celebrations

Each PHMFA Senior will be recognized by announcement before the start of each game.

The Bantam seniors will line up around 4th quarter of the Indians game at the large field gate.

The will be brought out to the field by their family/friends etc while being announced.

They will have their photo taken and exit the field through the small field gate.

Bantam Families are encouraged to attend this event showing support for their senior with the use of PH colors, outfits, & decorations, including things like balloons & flowers.

We will have some sort of food/desert for the Senior Bantams.

Feel free to begin asking questions and preparing for these events.


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Mike McCoy
Mike McCoy
Aug 14, 2023

I’m working on getting the pizzas, what toppings? Plain and pepperoni?



Welcome to the 2022 PHMFA Events group!!! This group will...



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