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PHMFA Events!

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Hello everyone!!

We will be holding our annual PHMFA BBQ Bash 🍔🍪🎉 on Friday, July 28 at 6p (RSVP HERE!) 

Below is our SIGN UP sheet for food, sides, desserts and drinks!!

✅Please review the list of needs and sign up for any items that you are able to bring!!

👉Directions to sign up:

1.Follow this link:

2. On the homepage there is an area labeled “Find”

3. Type in the following credentials

Coordinator Name: Bradley

Password: 2023

4. Click on a line within the item you will be bringing and fill out the form that pops up

We would like all food sign ups to be in by Friday, July 21st.

Please let me know if you have any questions! ☺️

Thank you!

Bethany 📸

Mason Murray
Renee Farrell
Kayla Babinsack
Dannielle's Aunt Cassie
Dannielle's Aunt Cassie
Jun 30, 2023

How do we find what's needed?



Welcome to the 2022 PHMFA Events group!!! This group will...



  • 11 Oct Fri | 'PHMFA Pep Rally Pizza Party'

  • 12 Oct Sat | '2024 Senior Night'

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