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Attention PHMFA Event Planning!

2024 SUMMERFEST is coming early this year!

Less than 2 weeks away the PHMFA will be hosting a Booth/Tent during Summerfest June 22nd.

I can set up the tent etc.

The booth will need 1-2 attendants throughout the event (day).

Items to be sure you have prepared.

  • Sign-up flyers

  • In person registration

  • Clover

  • Cash

  • Raffle/Game/Prizes

All Booth participants must provide a game or raffle.

In years past I was able to borrow a dunk booth. The dunk booth has been sold and no longer available 😒

I would consider throwing a Chinese auction together maybe. Those always seem to be a big hit. Or a game giving away PHMFA buttons or something to promote football.

Whatever the case try and get it decided soon so if we need more space for say a football throwing game, or something similar, I can have time to request a bigger area.

Any questions comments suggestions etc please begin planning. If anyone needs something I can help with let me know.

Thanks! 🏈

Myles Eanes
Coach Jazz
amber land
amber land
Jun 08

I could do hair tinsel



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